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Trojan Dry-Out Systems

If you have power transformers with unacceptable water levels in the oil and cellulose insulation and poor dielectric values, Trojan dry-out systems can be your solution.

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Trojan 1000 LV     



See what's new in the SF6 world from Dilo Company's spring newsletter.

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Check out Burlington Bio Diesel making great strides in the filtering and drying of the WVO using bags supplied to them by Filtration Solutions! To read more about their unique process CLICK HERE  


Filtration Solutions is proud to announce it's newest partnership with Dilo Company! The World Leader in SF6 Recycling Equipment and their newest product for the power utility industry SF6 Multi-function Analyzer

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The SF6 Multi-function meter can be used to determine and store the volume percentage as well as the moisture of SF6- gas from a single test session. The test results are displayed on the LCD panel. The moisture measuring component is identical to the stand-alone 3-037-R00X moisture measuring device, and the volume percentage sensor is the same as is used in the 3-027-R00X.

The front side of the device contains the gas inlet, graphic display (128x64 pixel), control LEDs, control knob, two buttons and a bypass valve to reduce the response time for measurements using long connecting hoses. On the back side of the device the sampled gas is exhausted or it can be collected for recycling purposes via a gas outlet stub. Each test sensor (moisture and purity) is modular and can be removed independently for calibration purposes. The device will continue to function with only one module.  

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Filtration Solutions is proud to announce our newest product manufactured specifically for the power utility industry to dry out wet transformers in service.

This small degasifier is manufactured to NEMA 4 ratings and is designed to recirculate oil in energized transformers until dried. Our system starts with a prefilter to protect the (1) HP Leybold dual stage rotary vane vacuum pump, then proceeds through a 7.5 kW heater before entering the vacuum chamber.

Moisture is removed to atmosphere before oil is pumped back through final filter into the transformer. System runs 220 volt, single phase, 60 Hz, and requires 60 amps. Entire system is mounted on a portable cart with wheels and can easily be moved from transformer to transformer. All possible safety features for automatic shut down have been incorporated into this system. Relays are included for SCADA remote monitoring.

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System recirculates at 1-3 GPM. Time to dry transformer will depend on water content and amount of oil to be dried. We also supply this system in the 5-7 GPM version which includes (2) 7.5 kW heaters.

If you have any questions or would like further information on our system, please feel free to contact us!


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