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Harvard Filtration Systems have been a standard item for Power Utilities since 1989. Installation on Load Tap Changers, Circuit Breakers and off-line Transformers have saved the utility companies thousands of dollars in contact replacement and maintenance hours.

These simple systems are customized for each Power Utility's requirements. Please contact our Utility Specialist for details. Harvard brand filter elements eliminate contamination as small as one micron while removing large quantities of water, greatly prolonging the life of lubricants, coolants, and the equipment they protect. Benefits include: less downtime, longer machine life and reduction of disposal problems.

Keep it clean and reduce your waste stream" with Harvard Corporation's Constant Contamination Control, recycling aharvard spin onnd filtration products.

Harvard Corporation wants to dry up an ocean of liquid waste through its innovative Constant Contamination Control filters and filtration systems. Extending the life span of lubricants, coolants, hydraulic oil, and refrigerant oil can eliminate millions of gallons from the waste stream and extend equipment life. Harvard brand filters remove moisture and damaging particles down to a single micron in size. This extra protection helps extend the life of lubricants, engines and equipment while reducing maintenance costs


Portable Filtration SystemLoad Tap Changer
Removes contaminants to a single micron: removes water. Portable design enables unit to move easily from site to site. System increases fluid life, decreases hazardous waste disposal. Used on most synthetic and petroleum-based fluids.

Applications: for most hydraulic and lube oil reservoirs in manufacturing, machine shops, injection molding, oil EDM machines

Configurations: single-housing, dual-housing

Options: bag filter, coalescer

Flow rate: 58 GPM


Industries Served By Harvard Products Include:


  • Removes Contaminants as Low as 1-Micron
  • Filters Synthetic and Petroleum Base Fluids



  • Removal of Machining Fines to 1-Micron
  • Greatly Reduces Bacteria
  • Removes Water from Fluids
  • Removal of Odor Caused by Bacteria

Contact your Filtration Solutions Representative for more information about how Harvard products can help with all your filtration needs.
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