Graver Technologies
Liquid Process Filters for High Purity Solutions in the Beverage Industry

Graver Technologies combines the broadest available range of pleated and depth prefilters with outstanding membrane products for final filtration. And with filters such as the QCR™ (Cyst reduction) and ZTEC-B™ (Beverage - grade)—specifically designed for beverage applications, Graver assures customers of high quality filtration systems that meet the demands of the various beverage industry segments. Graver’s worldwide customer base includes producers of bottled water, wine, beer, soft drinks and spirits. We also supply filters for municipal water systems and military shipboard installations




To assure the highest quality and consistent taste in your unique brew, count on Graver filters for removal of yeast, DE, particulate and bacteria. Filtration solutions are also available to produce high purity water for the beer making process as well as for the bottling line.


Bottled Water

Graver filters cost-effectively remove particulate, capture harmful microbes such as giardia and cryptosporidium cysts, protect reverse osmosis membranes, and trap carbon and resin fines.



Soft Drinks

To produce great soft drinks, customers rely on Graver filter cartridges for purification of incoming water, tank vent filters, clarification of flavorings and sweeteners, and CO2 filtration.

Soft Drinks


Wine & Spirits

Removal of yeast and harmful bacterial is essential to maintain the distinct flavor and color of wine and spirits. Graver pre and final filters effectively remove these contaminants to assure the highest quality beverage.





Utilities that come in contact with the product, including steam, air and water, must be free of microorganisms that can cause spoilage. Graver filters provide that protection.


Contact your Filtration Solutions Representative for more information about how Graver Technologies can help with all your food and beverage filtration needs.

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