The use of ErtelAlsop Disc-PakŪ Lenticular Filter Cartridge or AquaKv-PakŪ Filter Cartridge assures effective moisture removal. The AquaKv-PakŪ is available in several particle retentions to hold carbon particles and is specially formulated with water-retentive capabilities. The PakŪ concept, originated by ErtelAlsop, helps to assure that transit oils such as circuit breaker, transformer oil and turbine lube oil can be returned to as new specifications. Power Utility Products Include:

The Disc-PakŪ cartridge is specially formulated for the precise filtration of liquids in the light to medium viscosity range. From applications such as lubricating oils, dielectric oils and coolants to syrups, beverages and perfumes, the Disc-PakŪ may be used where particulate retention is the purpose of filtration. Disc-PakŪ cartridges are availErtel Dis-Pakable in several grades to allow retention down to 1 micron.

The AquaKv-PakŪ was specifically designed and developed for the retention of water contamination in transformer and turbine lube oils along with the retention of particulate down to the sub-micronic level. This PakŪ concept was created to incorporate the particulate retention capabilities of the Disc-PakŪ along with the enhanced capacity for the retention of free and dissolved water. The AquaKv-PakŪ demonstrates mechanical shutoff when fully saturated with water. Particle retention does not effect water-holding capacity, which has been documented at up to 120 ounces per full 9-cell PakŪ. The AquaKv-PakŪ and an ErtelAlsop enclosed PakŪ system can recondition dielectric fluids to meet or exceed ASTM and manufacturers standards.

Ertel Housing

12UF PakŪ
Filter Housing Series The ErtelAlsop 12UF PakŪ Filter Housing Series is specially designed for use in the electric utility industry. Used in the filtration of steam turbine, voltage regulator and circuit breaker oils, these units can be custom fabricated to fit your specific application. Designs include Hand truck Units, Portable Utility Carts and Over-the-Road Trailers. Materials of construction include Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Polypropylene. Media for use within these units include the ErtelAlsop AquaKv-PakŪ, Disc-PakŪ or Sak-PakŪ


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