ErtelAlsop is the only US based manufacturer of a complete line of liquid depth filtration products, including laboratory filters, plate and frame filter presses, filter pads/sheets, filter paper, Pak® lenticular filter cartridges and housings. For applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, electric utility and food and beverage markets.

ErtelAlsop has been problem-solving the depth filtration needs of industry for well over 80 years. ErtelAlsop will work with you and Filtration Solutions to engineer and manufacture a liquid filtration system designed around your requirements, and provide the appropriate filter media to achieve the clarity your application demands.

ErtelAlsop prides itself in the development of strong relationships with it's customers and distributors, and the pride they take in there products is evidenced by the design of the Pak® lenticular cartridge, the Vapor-Master® enclosed plate and frame filter press, the 1S PharmaScale™ laboratory filter, and the BioClean™ filter plate assembly, all of which were co-developed with specific customers. Additionally, ErtelAlsop maintains proprietary filter media formulations for certain companies.

This philosophy, to provide the most effective solution to customer needs, is one of the things that make ErtelAlsop unique and one of the finest manufacturer's on the Filtration Solutions team.

The diversity of ErtelAlsop liquid filtration/separation products allows them to be used in applications ranging from the filtration of blood products and intravenous solutions to the removal of water and carbon from transformer and circuit breaker oils

Industries Served By ErtelAlsop Products Include:

  • Chemical
  • Power Utility
  • Food & Beverage
  • Metals/Mining
  • pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetic
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Industrial Wastewater
  • Petrochemical
  • Pulp & Paper

Contact your Filtration Solutions Representative for more information about how ErtelAlsop can help with all your filtration needs.

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