APR Company is your source for Transformer Nitrogen Pressure Systems and replacement parts. We can build any custom pressure, vacuum or cryogenic products to fit your needs. Here is just some of what CSR Company can offer you.

NGS2R Two Stage Nitrogen System


This is a complete two stage Nitrogen Pressure System that includes a Victor two stage nitrogen regulator delivering positive pressure to the transformer, an alarm gauge preset at 400 psi decreasing pressure, a water/oil trap, large pressure/vacuum gauge, pressure switch preset at 8.5 psi increasing pressure, vacuum switch preset at - 1.5 psi vacuum. All pre wired to a main terminal strip enclosed in a steel NEMA class 3 box.


AGD10 Replacement Alarm Gauge

Alarm Gauge  Alarm Gauge

This high pressure Alarm Gauge preset at 400 psi decreasing pressure. Large 2 1/2 inch gauge with pressure switch that utilizes a diaphragm to detect pressure change. The response, at a predetermined set point, actuates a SPDT snap acting switch, converting a pressure signal into an electrical signal. Control set point may be varied by turning the internal slotted adjustment. This can easily be set in the field without removing the Alarm Gauge or regulator from the system. Pressure switch and gauge are replaceable separately making this a very economical system.


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